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No I'm not dead, although I sometimes wish I was.
I'm sorry that I haven't been able to post Things, reply on coments and see all the amazing artwork that you guys have made.
Those 3 years I had in School where the worst 3 and a half year I have ever had.
The first year was mostly boring and scary. That's also the year my friend showed me this amazing Place named DeviantArt. And when I was bored and had spare time I just whent there. You may have seen some of my doodles. :XD:

It was when the second year of scool everything was heading for Hell.
My grades in German the first year was already bad but I passed. But the Next year... I didn't. They gave me anoter chance but.. I manage to fail that one to. And since I used most of my time trying to pass that classed.. I ended up failing in Math to. But since we didn't have an exam in that class I could then cange back to my old Mathclass that I had last year, that I for some wired reason traded away this year and failed.

So the 3 year. I passed Math. But since I had to switch classes I then had to pick 2 New one and say goodbye to the IT class that I had the biggest chance of passing With no problem. So I ended up With 2 psychology classes. 1 first year and 1 second year. and since there wasn't enough room for me, I ended up in a class With first year edition and People 1 year yonger than me, and the other class, I had to study on my one. :writeexam: 
The first year edition was easy, I just had to remember all the names. But the second. I was Lucky that the teacher that was teaching that class also had time to teach me 1 hour a week, since I was going up for exam in that class in just a few weeks...

But I could not pass My last year without passing German first, and in order to do that, I had to do it oral AND on paper! stress 
But now I didn't have any teacher to teach me. (Not that it even help before anyway) But I fellt like the hole world was falling apart.
I had too many subjects that I had to study on my one. To much paperwork and projects that had to be done in my regulary classes. And in between all that! My cat got hit by a car. An old friend that was very Close to Our Family died.I was looking for a job, but can't get one because of aGod damn paper I don't have, And my history teacher is now telling me that I'm about to fail in history! How? I don't know! And now The mail on Deviant is pailing up! from 10 000 too 12 000 you get it Down to 10 continiues With panicing and stress in real life. Goes back in on DA in a week... now it's 12 again and the site is canging, it's confusing, wierd, allot of Things is going on and I have soo many tings to do, think of, wirte. Closes the pages. and does not enter before it's al over.

The end of the year. I passed Math, psychology, history and other regular subjects... and German! :D :happybounce: I was so happy! I felt like anything was posible again! All I had to do now was to pass my oral exam in Norwegin.... Witch I some how failed! When they told me I failed I felt like the hole univers was against me. I ran out crying, out the classrom, Down the coridor. I couldn't just ran out because all my stuff was in my closet, and that is right beside the classrom I just ran out of. I didn't want anyone to see me, so I hide in a corner, behind a plant, and hope that no one would find me.Inside Out Reaction Icon: Sadness 
It didn't take long before my study friend found me. Racing Girl Emoji (You meanie) [V2]  She tried to Comfort me while I was trying to dry my eyes. Kirito x Asuna (The End Hug) [V1] The my teacher found us and also tried to Comfort me by saying that she was going to help me passing my Next test. Heh Next test. I was done! so SO done, I was so done that my mom had to try a long time to convince me to take a New test.
I went back. It took forver to get the books I needed, because they where all out of the once I needed, and I couldn't borrow anyone at the School Library bacause I was no longer a student of this School!Danisnotonfire 7 Angry Mabel 
But luckily, my teacher lent me her books, soo I could take a look and mark those pages I needed so she then could print them out for me. I really liked her that day.

Then the day came. I did my best, and I sa there,  nervus, in a Chair, waiting for the lady to tell me te result.
"I'm sorry to say this, but, I have to give you a 2" she sad that like she thougt that grade would upsett me. Instead I look up at my teacher, that also satt there in the room, shooked and asked here With a shaky woise, and tears pailing up in the corner of my eyes. "Did I just pass?" She looked at me, smiled and sad "Yes, yes you did." When she sad that I was soo happy! Tears was flowing and I where finally laughing again. I was soo happy that I Hugged bouth My teacher and the lady that gave me my final grade. I went happy and smiling out the door, and when I turned me head and look back in the room, I saw Tham standing there, talking to each other, smiling and wiping away tears.Pearl Emote 43 

So alot of Things  did happen this last years, and there is also alot of stuff that I did not mention. bouth bad and good. But that wil have to be an another time.

Sorry that it ended up a bit longer than thougt it would be. And it doesn't matter if anyone it or not. I just really needed this of my chest.

Thank you.Homura Bowing Icon 

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  • Watching: series, Movies, You name it.
  • Playing: What to do
  • Eating: Foood! and some snacks
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